Vern's Quick-Change Two-Book Set

Vern's Quick-Change Two-Book Set

Book #11 in Vern Tardel’s “Let Me Help You” Series - for traditional hot rodders.

Vern's Guide to Banjo Axle Quick-Change, Tank and Suspension Modifications.

 Vern's book #11 is a 36-page, step-by-step guide to modifing a ’29 –‘34 chassis to accept a Banjo quick-change rear axle while resetting the rear ride height. Several styles of chassis conversion are fully-illustrated with handy ways to do a complete, or partial rear crossmember swap out on a ’32-’34 frame, or an effective Z-drop conversion on a Model A frame. The book also includes a chapter of notching a full tank and suspension modifications It is a companion book to Book #12 which is all about assembly and final installation of a quick-change.

Book 12-Vern's Guide to Banjo Axle Quick-Change Assembly Guide.

This new edition provides a full parts ID rundown with technical details and commentary on every part used in a quick-change, and then follows on with the assembly of the differential center, and then its assembly into a complete axle, ready to install. In this 52-page book, Vern illustrates how to make a jig to hold the Quick-Change case in a vice without damage to it, or you. He then takes you through the detailed process of backlash calibration, shimming and adjustments with plenty of tips to make for a pain-free assembly. It is a companion book to Book #11 which covers chassis, tank and suspension modification needed to install a quick-change.


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