Vern Tardel Ford Steering Service & Repair (for 1928-1948 Fords)

Vern Tardel Ford Steering Service & Repair (for 1928-1948 Fords)

Vern Tardel’s “Let Me Help You” series for traditional hot rodders. 

Book #1 Ford Steering - Service, Repair & Modification. 24 Pages
The first “Let Me Help You” guide for traditional Ford hot rod builders. This comprehensive 24-page booklet, Ford Steering - Service, Repair & Modification, illustrates and describes a variety of items from helping you shop smart for a good Ford steering box, through rebuild and adjustment, to modifying Ford steering to fit your hot rod, this book is also your swap-meet pal and workshop buddy and a reference to Id'ing parts. Vern Tardel uses 24 pages and lots of photographs to make the once daunting task of servicing your early Ford steering box easy! Great for those learning how to build a traditional hot rod or just wanting to rebuild a 1928-1948 Ford Coupe, Sedan, Convertible or Deluxe. Also for 1948-1956 Ford F-1 or F-100 Pickup Trucks.
Great for Rebuilding a: 1928 Ford, 1929 Ford, 1930 Ford, 1931 Ford, 1932 Ford, 1933 Ford, 1934 Ford, 1935 Ford, 1936 Ford, 1937 Ford, 1938 Ford, 1939 Ford, 1940 Ford, 1941 Ford, 1942 Ford, 1943 Ford, 1944 Ford, 1945 Ford, 1946 Ford, 1947 Ford or 1948 Ford steering box.

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