Early V8-60 Water Pump Wrench

Early V8-60 Water Pump Wrench

Vern Tardel's Water Pump Tools for 1937-'40 Ford Flatheads

Two very necessary tools for the vintage Ford V8-60 engine builder!

In the tradition of helping others build traditional hot rods and restorations, Vern Tardel re-introduces his classic water pump wrenches to help those rebuilding either 1937-'39 V8-60 Fords or the later 1940 model.

These two special wrenches come with a 1/2-inch ratchet or breaker bar adaptor, which offers even more leverage to break free or re-install these screw-in water pump bodies. These water pumps can be corroded into their threads, so one of these tools is a mandatory hand-piece you will use and reuse, when rebuilding or servicing V8-60 Fords.

1937-1939 V8-60        Early Pump Wrench $25.99 ea (plus shipping)

 Late model wrench also available. (Larger Version)

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