Frank Rodgers Deuce Roadster

Frank’s roadster is the first in a series of five deuce roadsters being built. His latest report-”I love this car!”

The chassis consists of American Stamping 32 rails, a Vern Tardel Enterprises reproduction K-Member, and model A front and rear crossmembers. A 1932 Ford heavy axle, dropped 3 inches sits the front end down. A model A rear spring, Vern Tardel reversed eye front spring, and tubular shocks are responsible for the suspension. A Brookville body rests on top, with 1946 Ford taillights, Guide headlights, a 2 inch chopped windshield, and 1934 exterior door handles.

Power is provided by a Vern Tardel built French flathead (3-5/16 inch bore), equipped with a French crankshaft (4 inch stroke), adjustable lifters, Sharp heads and intake manifold topped with a trio of Stromberg 97’s, with a quick change rear-end and a 1939 Ford transmission.

The car sits on Kelsey-Hayes 4×16 inch wheels, with Firestone Deluxe Chammpion tires: 4.25-16 in the front, and 7.50-16 in the rear. Steering is handled by a F-1 steering box (modified with the Vern Tardel Steering Box Flange), topped with a 1940 Ford Standard steering wheel. Brakes are 1940 Ford.

You can purchase the following parts used on this roadster through our online store:

Generator Cover
Coil Cover
Brake Drum Retainers
Reproduction 32 K-Member
Steering Box Flange
Dropped Axle
French Crank
French Block

All photographs by Mike Chase.

Posted by Vern Tardel on November 15, 2007.